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Custom Carpentry


Custom Carpentry is the process of taking your unique idea and bringing it to life through shaping material. Are the barn doors at the hardware store just not the right style? Are the only shelf options too wide for your closet? Looking for ways to maximize garage space? We can help design a solution.

Custom Carpentry

Entryway Bench

Entryway benches can be a unique way to open up a foyer. By removing or modifying existing closets, a bench can be made for the space that still meets your storage needs.

Garage Storage

Are you running out of room to park in your garage? There are many creative ways to lift items off of the ground and onto custom shelving. Let us help get your vehicles back indoors!

Farmhouse Table

Gathering around the table is a daily occurrence for many of us. A strong, well made table can easily be a life-long table. Whether you need to seat 5 people or 20; we can create a table for you.


Sometimes the shelves at the store just don't compliment your space. This is where custom carpentry comes in. We can take that difficult space and turn it into a storage palace. 

Staircase Makeover

Whether you have a carpeted stairway that you're just tired of vacuuming, or you are ready to update the railing; staircase renovations can be a fun way to accent this space.

And More...

Do you have a unique idea for your backyard or deck? Pergolas provide the perfect amount of shade on a hot summer day. Maybe you need to redesign your garden with some raised beds? The possibilities are endless.

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