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Exterior Remodel & Renovation


The outside of hour home provides several features for us: protection from the elements and curb appeal. Over time, the weather causes wear and styles change. There are many ways to give your home the necessary updates it may need. 

Our Exterior


We use these when we leave for work and come home each evening. They keep us safe and help lower our heating bill in the winter. After much use, exterior doors can begin to show signs of wear. We'd be happy to help assess if your door needs replaced.


Whether you're a grill master or a coffee-on-the-porch kind of person, decks add a unique alternative space to our homes. Is your current deck in need of a renovation? Or maybe it's time to start from scratch? Let us know how we can help.

Exterior Trim

Trim is the final puzzle piece. When looking to replace windows and doors, exterior trim can bring a stylish accent to add to these renovations. 


This essential feature helps us to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Older windows can cause unnecessary costs to our electric bills. Older styles may leave some rooms too dark. Are you interested in adding an egress window? Send your ideas our way.


Steps are oftentimes built as a separate structure from your home. Over time, they can settle unevenly. Do you have some steps that are in need of a makeover? 

Custom Carpentry

Do you have a unique idea for your backyard or deck? Pergolas provide the perfect amount of shade on a hot summer day. Maybe you need to redesign your garden with some raised beds? The possibilities are endless.

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